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Black Rose
Film & Media Production

The Black Rose of Kush: 7Golden Queens 4 book Series - that transcends space and time as you continue to travel with Divine, CW, and Skeeta backwards to the future as the world becomes a parallel dimension of vortex gateways. History & purpose become clear, opening spiritual Stargates within. Navigators of the Sacred Crafts return as this story carries you on a journey around the world and within the truths of the world. This story is the greatest magical adventure—a metaphysical love story that is Alchemical, Astrological, Khemetic, Cosmology in nature. It embraces and brings many religious teachings full circle through adventure (Hebrew Israelites, Islamic, Christianity, Yoruba, Voodoo, Akan, Moors, Rastafari, Abyssinian). It is OUR story in a Urban Hood Novel giving you all truths, even the real story of who Jesus is revealed in this prophetic book serie

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Black Rose of Kush Chronicals of the Queens PT  2.jpg
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Black Rose of Kush Chronicals of the Queens PT  3.jpg

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