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We, the Black People of the World, in order to effect Unity, Solidarity, Liberty, Freedom and Self-determination, to secure Justice and Maintain the integrity of  Ethiopian World  Federation, Incorporated.Our Motto…UNITE AND SAVE OURSELVESApplication for MembershipTHE ETHIOPIAN WORLD FEDERATION, INCORPORATEInternational Headquarters:405 Lexington  Ave. Chrysler Bldg., 25th-26th Floors, NY 10174Tel: (212) 541-2442/ Fax (917)-368-8005Desiring to do all I can for the restoration of the complete independence of the continent  AFRICA by the corporate efforts of Black People throughout the World, and so affect Social betterment of the race, I do herby Apply for Membership in the above name organization.
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Membership Fee-$1.00 

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Membership Application Form       (04/2020 updated)

DECLARATION: I declare that the information I have given is true, and I pledge to obey the Constitution and the By-Laws of THE ETHIOPIAN WORLD FEDERATION, INCORPORATED. I agree to pay the required membership fee in the sum of $1.00

CONFIDENTIALITY: The Information given here will be held in confidence by THE ETHIOPIAN WORLD FEDERATION, INCORPORATED and will not be given out with the express written consent of the applicant.

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