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Statement of Sovereignty

Preamble to the Constitution


We, the Black Peoples of the World, in order to effect Unity, Solidarity, Liberty, Freedom and Self-determination, to secure Justice and maintain the Integrity of Ethiopia, which is our Divine heritage

e, do hereby establish and ordain this Constitution for The Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated.


[18USC§951 AND 18USC§970]



Please be advised that the bearer of this Identification Card has asserted their full birthright, diplomatic exemptions 22USC288 being a active member of THE ETHIOPIAN WORLD FEDERATION, INCORPORATED,   a Natural being, being an heir of the 18th Dynasty of Egypt/Khemet, the Ahmosean Dynasty which later was called the Hasmonean Dynasty of Israel, all of which traveled here to the Americas over time united with  the Indigenous Native Americans.  This Ancient lineage and Birthright was held by the Axumite Empire upon first travels here and later by the Moorish Empire/Sundry Free Moor/Muur.  Asserted rights under The Great Seal of the Moorish Nation (Ab Antiqua);  the Treaty of Peace and Friendship- 1786/1836; the Sundry Free Moor Act- 1970; the 1781 Organic United States Constitution; the Moorish Federal Financiers Act (Union States Army: 1861-1863); the United Nations Charter Article 55 ( c): the Rights of Indigenous People; the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act 28USC§1601; the Convention on International Road Traffic-Day 19, September 1949; the World Court, the Hague Convention, Netherlands-Day 21, January 1958 AD= 1378M.C. Ethiopian Treaty of Amity and Economic Relations

Immunity of Public Misters

Immunity of Public Misters, the rule that tribunals have no jurisdiction over, foreign sovereignty extends also to its Public Ministers. (28USC§1602 and 22USC§252, 42USC§1986)

(Article 36 of the Vienna Convention, but not limited too)

United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights article 15 states that everyone has the right to a nationality and that no one should be arbitrarily deprived of a nationality or denied the right to change nationality and the right to our indigenous Culture, Religion,  as an active member of the republic’s of the Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated ,  with a Economic Treaty and the Right to Travel, but not limited to these rights.

Declaration of Independence and Emancipation by the Divine Imperial Throne of Ethiopia

I am an active member of the Ethiopian World Federation Inc am a foreign sovereign living man/woman present to you in my official capacity a  NOTICE of my Nationality and Diplomatic Exemptions under 22USC288/22USC252 as a Public Minister and Spiritual Minister as our emissary mission is governed by Spiritual Throne of David, the Nation of Ethiopia placing us in Nation of the Diaspora Region 6.  Which includes the many African/Indigenous Nations in the Diaspora and the Indigenous Moorish Aboriginal Americans

Duly Notice as in all international standings of Law is given.  Foreign National standing is held in Public Law 94-583, October 21, 1976, Stat. 2891 (codified in Title 28USC§1602 and Public Law 79-291.  Providing a standard for authorized acceptance of NOTICE.  This notice is given to inform of the official functions and lobbying.  As the interest of this nation is being protected and administered through official international organization/22USC288  EWF Inc. (Ethiopian World Federation Inc. /NGO).  In the United States, ratified human rights treaties and customary international law are both law of the land. ... Such treaties, therefore, are not self-executing, even though they are ratified and are part of the law of the land according to the Supremacy Clause. 

This notice stands as notice of “Extraterritoriality''/capitulations under the Treaty of Marrakash, Treaty of Watertown, and the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. Invoking of Executive Order 13107, Implementation of Human Rights Treaties issued by Bill Clinton on December 10,1998.  Therefore  let this also stand as notice of the African Union official designation of the Diaspora’s Sixth Region, which we assert with The Maroon Treaty of 1739 and the United Nations acceptance of the   political autonomy and economic freedoms of former slaves.


Therefore as all civilized Nations hold the era of Slavery has passed, and Africans of whatever Nation are now set free from colonial servitude and slavery, the right to self-govern is thus an inalienable right of Nationality only to be declared. (See Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples- Assembly Resolution 1514(xv)UNITED NATIONS) The standing of the Indigenous  Americans and their African connection is also being declared as a Nationality right.  As all Nations held to be civilized, accept the principles of International law and the End of Slavery as declared by all civilized Nations, which provides for the Official Operation to give notice to all governments of Nationality and the Declaration of Independence of the African/Indigenous people of the Diaspora.


As held in our Constitution and Preamble WE THE BLACK PEOPLE OF THE WORLD. Thereby establishing the jurisdiction of the Diaspora  under THE ETHIOPIAN WORLD FEDERATION INC. . The Ethiopian World Federation Inc is a corporate body created by the Ethiopian Head of State His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, which thereby places it under the Ethiopian Treaty as follows :

Ethiopia Amity And Economic Relations Agreement Treaty of Amity and Economic Relations Between The United States of America and Ethiopia.

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